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Take control of your menopause symptoms!

Start feeling like YOU again!

And achieve your personal best during your Menopause journey!

Menopause is a time of natural hormonal shifts experienced by most women when they reach their 40's or 50's. Peri-menopausal symptoms may start even earlier for some! The journey can be an extremely uncomfortable one for many with your body experiencing many changes both physically and from a health standpoint. 


The internal and external changes can become an overwhelming time.  There is a clear lack of consistent and readily available, accurate information out there, leaving many women feeling lost as to what to do to minimise their symptoms and are expected to “just deal with it”.


But you do NOT have to suffer through your symptoms any longer!

We have taken the guess work out of alleviating your menopause symptoms and collated all of the evidence based research into an easy to follow system and process that you can follow to minimise so many of your symptoms so you can feel your best again!

Symptoms like hot flashes, weight gain, sleepless nights and mood changes do NOT have to be something you put up with! We can help! We have combined all of the evidence-based research to create a personalised solution to allow you to take control of your menopause symptoms and increase your quality of life!

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Managing Menopause - 9 week Program!

Don’t suffer through your menopause symptoms any longer. Our 9 week program is personalised to you and will have you taking back control and feeling yourself again!


We take a holistic approach to menopause, symptom management and overall women’s health through the implementation of correct exercise, nutrition, sleep, supplements and mindset tools.

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Personalised solution tailored to your symptoms!

This program allows for ongoing review, adjustment and feedback as you progress through your personal 8-week action plan. The Program is adapted according to your needs, and the consultations can be adjusted to suit your progress and requirements as you navigate through this program.


We will work alongside your medical professionals to achieve the best outcome possible for the management of your menopause symptoms.

Premium Program Includes:

·      1on1 Wellness consultation to take a deep dive into your menopause symptoms and let our experts create a personalised plan for you!

·      Personalised 8 week action plan to guide you to take back control

·      Fully tailored exercise training plan that combines the latest evidence based research

·      Personalised food plan suited to your goals

* Personal training session to step you through your workout plan and ensure your technique is correct 

·      Fortnightly check-ins with one of our qualified expert coaches

* Exercise and food plan review at week 4 to ensure we are maximising your results

·      Unlimited email support

* Final review and ongoing action plan to ensure you stay in control of your menopause symptoms

·      Additional nutrition consultations and adjustments available upon request

Don't suffer through your symptoms any longer!

Get in touch with us today and we would love to help you take back control and feel good again :)