Your Personal Trainers

At FitMiss Health Club we take pride in working with highly qualified and experienced Personal Trainers. Our dedicated team understand that everyone's needs and goals are different and are here to listen, guide and motivate you to achieve and be your best!


Personal Trainer



  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness

  • Master Trainer

  • Level 2 First Aid & CPR

  • Level 1 Boxing Instructor

  • Group Exercise Instructor


Industry Experience

  • Over 7 years experience in fitness

  • Owner FitMiss Health Club



  • Group Exercise Classes

  • Strength Training

  • Functional Exercising

  • Boxing

After having a knee reconstruction at the age of 17 (after a basketball injury!) I was forced to spend 6 months in a gym for rehabilitation. 17 years later and I still haven’t left the gym!


I exercise because I love feeling strong! I love how empowered I feel after a great session! And I love that all those millions of thoughts swimming around my mind are silenced when I’m working out!   


Changing careers from Chartered Accountant to Personal Trainer (and business owner) has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done! The member’s at FitMiss are so welcoming, encouraging and fun! I am so lucky to be a part of this Club and love watching all of our member’s work towards being the best version of themselves!


Fave food: Nutella!!

Fave sport to play: Basketball (not going to let my height stop me haha!)

Fave sports to watch: AFL (go Bombers!) and NFL (go Packers!)

In my spare time I love to: Travel the world! Some of my favourites was hiking the Inca Trail in Peru, driving through the Rockies in Canada and riding on a camel’s back through the desert in Jordan (to our campsite)!


Personal Trainer Manager



  • Bachelor of food and nutrition sciences

  • Nutrition coach - fat loss, sport nutrition certified

  • Australian institute of fitness master trainer 

  • Cert IV in fitness


Industry Experience

  • 5 years experience in fitness industry

  • Group Training

  • 1on1 Personal Training


  • Strength & Resistance Training

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Creating strategies for behavioural change

After studying health and PE in high school and learning the basics of nutrition and exercise I developed a love for trying to create the best version of myself with a holistic approach to health and I strive to help other people do the same! 

With this baseline knowledge and my love for food I decided to study a bachelor of food and nutrition sciences and graduated in 2019 at Deakin University with distinction.

The culture at FitMiss is nothing like I've ever seen before! It truly is a place where women support women no matter what the goal is. There's something really special about being part of something so unique and I feel very lucky that I get to call FitMiss my workplace. 

A little more about me:

* Fav food - porridge ( I could literally eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and have done so on one or two occasions)

* Mad bombers supporter and love watching the footy

* In my spare time I love seeing my friends and family or can easily spend the day watching tv and eating plenty of snacks 

* Love training upper body with shoulders being my favourite body part to train


Personal Trainer


  • Masters in Exercise & Sport Science (S&C)

  • Bachelor in Exercise & Sport Science (Nutrition Major)

  • Cert III & IV in Fitness 

  • Thump level 1 Boxing instructor 

  • Applied first aid & CPR


Industry Experience

  • Over 16 years experience in fitness



  • Strength Training 

  • Mobility & restoring functional movement 

  • Breathe work for posture 

  • Pregnancy / post partum / menopause 

  • Integrative Health

I was always the kid that loved PE at school it was my favourite subject along with human biology in high school. I played numerous sports growing up from netball, gymnastic and athletics. This carried into my adult life from mixed netball to figure competing in body building comps which took me to worlds in Poland and most recently being a competitive weightlifter for the last 6 years at a national level. 


As I dived into studies over the years my passion for health and fitness has exploded exponentially, however I have always come at it with the notion of having balance in all aspects and doing the things you love when it comes to exercise. We only get one life so have fun whilst being excited to see what potential your amazing body is actually capable of! Move through all stages of life as often as you can , in as many ways as you can!

A bit more about me!

Favourite food: a good burrito! 

Favourite sport: Olympic weightlifting 

Football team: Melbourne Demons 

Favourite exercise: Bulgarian Split Squats


Personal Trainer


  • Bachelor in Exercise and Sport Science

  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness

  • Group Exercise instructor

  • Level 2 First Aid & CPR


Industry Experience

  • Over 5 years Experience as a PT & Group Exercise instructor

  • 8 years as a high performance Athlete



  • Developing movement technique through motor programming and Biomechanics Principals

  • Strength & Resistance training

  • Training Psychology

  • Mobility Training

  • Training for general health and lifespan longevity

  • Training for injury prevention and management of injury rehabilitation

Sport, Exercise and discovering the potential of the human body has been something that sparked my curiosity from an early age. Growing up as a competitive athlete I first stepped foot in a gym at just 10 years old. I was fortunate enough to train with some of the best strength and conditioning coaches. My knowledge and passion has been a cumulative journey of personal, theoretical and practical coaching experience.

 I have dipped my foot into many avenues of the health and fitness world starting in high performance for both Tennis and Athletics, then continuing on into study a degree in Exercise and sport science whilst dabbling into the world of body building and heavy strength training. Currently my training revolves around dance, mobility and acrobatics. I love the idea of exploring bodyweight strength and flexibility as I find this is an area that takes most intrinsic motivation and patience to see the fruits of your labour.

A little more about me:

My Fav food: all of them :') both savoury and sweet

Fav sport to play: Table Tennis is always a good laugh

Spare time: I'll be dancing with my friends or making things I love to sew/crochet, I also love to travel and meet new people


Personal Trainer


  • Personal Trainer (EQF level 4)

  • Group Fitness Instructor (EQF level 3)

  • Fitness Instructor (EQF level 3)

  • Group Fitness Instructor (EQF level 3)

  • Les Mills Bodycombat

  • Les Mills Bodypump

  • First Aid & CPR



  • Highly motivating group classes

  • Strength & Resistance training

I first joined a gym in my mid 20s, and fell in love with group fitness classes. It became a hobby and passion. I went often and felt my quality of life improved as I started enjoying all the benefits that come with improved fitness – more energy, I felt happier, energized, confident and healthier. I constantly set myself new goals and felt great when I achieved all I set out to do.


My background was in graphic design and print, and after working in the industry for many years, I decided to take my hobby and passion to the next level and do a course in fitness. So in 2017 I was living in Dublin, Ireland and became a qualified trainer and had the opportunity to work in some amazing gyms there.

I love working in fitness because I love to help people to achieve their goals the way I did, and it gives me great satisfaction to help my clients improve their quality of life.

A little more about me:

My Fave food: Japanese

Fave way to keep fit: Yoga, Boxing / MMA, Group Fitness Classes

In my spare time I love to: Travel, go for beach walks, outdoor yoga, brunches, dance classes, and spend time with my nieces and nephews.

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