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Personal Training Options

Whether you are getting back into exercise, need that extra push and guidance to your training, or training for a specific goal- our amazing and motivating Personal Trainers will help you to achieve your goals!

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1on1 Personal Training

For those who want to get the most out of their training!

No matter whether you want to get Fitter, Stronger, More Toned, Look & Feel Even Better! Your FitMiss Personal Training Sessions Will Get You There!

How do we make this happen?

We will start our session with a Fitness Analysis to see how your body moves, discuss any previous or current injuries and sit down and have a chat about your health and fitness goals so we understand exactly what you want. From there our experienced and talented trainers will create the best training program to maximise your ability to reach and maintain your goals.

We will motivate you to work a little harder, work smarter and reach your health and fitness goals even quicker!

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2on1 Semi-Private Personal Training

Are you interested in Personal Training but you would rather train along side a friend or partner? Semi Private Personal Training gives you the individualised approach but in a small group setting. Training with a friend can also help motivate you and make training more fun!

Join a friend and start your training together with one of our Personal Trainers. We will go over your specific goals and create a program that helps both of you to achieve your health and fitness goals.