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How to stay fit post-lockdown!

Lockdown had a varied effect for many people- some are emerging fitter than ever, having focused on their fitness, while for others, fitness has been the last thing on their minds! As Melbourne “re-opens” and the social events start piling up, it can be increasingly difficult to create and maintain a healthy fitness routine! Here are some tips to give you a head start!

1. Focus on your WHY!

For the last few months we have had too much free time! Now, as Melbourne re-opens and the social events pile up, we are wondering where all the time has gone!

Having a powerful reason to exercise is super important to ensure it doesn’t go down the priority list. Having a true “why” is going to help you maintain your motivation when times get busy.

Think to yourself- what’s the cost of NOT having a strength & fitness routine?

For some people, it may be overcoming chronic disease or mental health issues. For others it may be being fit enough to be able to play with the kids or grandkids and for others they just love the strong and empowered feeling they get after exercise!

Ensure to break your goal down into a short-medium term goal. If your “why” is to avoid heart disease in 20 years, chances are a friend asking you to have a coffee during that weekly exercise class will be enough to skip the class “just for this week” :)

2. Plan your week!

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”! This saying is so so true! Especially with today’s competing priorities!

It's not enough to say you'll exercise three times a week post-lockdown. When you throw a workout into the mix of 500 million other things we’ve got going on post lock-down, before you know it the weekend would have arrived and you haven’t done a single session! We highly recommend marking your workouts on your calendar as you would an appointment or meeting and even taking it a step further by adding a reminder to your phone. Then ensure that your workout bag is packed the night before, along with everything you need for the next day to ensure a successful session!

The benefit of scheduling in your exercise is not only that you make time for it, but it also helps to remove the indecision and possible excuses that can creep in, helping it to become part of a routine.

Personally for me, I love working out in the morning! Getting out of bed is definitely tough. But once I’m up, I feel great exercising and then no matter what the day throws at me- I have taken care of my body and exercised! It’s a great feeling :)

3. Be ok with “good enough”

The imperfect workout you complete is always better than the perfect workout you never start!

Don’t have time for your regular 45 min workout? Do a 20 minute session instead!

Can’t make it to the gym because the car has broken down (or a range of reasons!) download a body weight workout and do it at home or go for a walk/run!

Feeling really tired and body is aching? Substitute your strength session for a yoga or stretch session at home or at the gym!

All of these options are much better than skipping a session! Be ok with not doing the perfect workout and see how much you can still achieve!

4. Pick a workout and environment that you enjoy!

Hate running? Then why not use the bike or rower or cross trainer at the gym! Or do a body weight warm up before a strength routine!

Over lockdown a lot of people have found the comfort or exercising from their living room. If this is you, and you find you are more likely to join a zoom class or you tube workout then skip the gym and do what suits you!

The more you enjoy a workout and the space you are exercising in, the more likely you are to commit to it :)

We hope these suggestions have helped you to create a new routine post lockdown and also coming into the Christmas period! Remember- consistency is key when it comes to exercise! If you’ve got any other questions or we can assist in any other way please reach out :)

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