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Women's Health Nutrition

We work with women to create healthy and sustainable nutrition habits that align with your lifestyle to help you feel more energised and achieve your goals!

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At FitMiss Health Club, we're all about empowering women like you to unleash their strength and create a healthier and happier lifestyle.

That's why we're so excited to introduce you to our various Nutrition Packages designed specifically by women, for women!

We treat every client as an individual with unique needs, food preferences, and lifestyle demands. These are NOT cookie cutter programs- they are fully tailored to YOUR body and needs.

Our programs are packed with support and motivation and are designed to education and empower you to achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Do you want to:

✅ Lose weight or feel more energised and healthy again

✅ Create a positive and sustainable nutrition habits you’ll love and want to stick to

✅ Learn what healthy eating means and simple and sustainable ways to achieve it

✅ Not feel restricted or like you're on "a diet"

✅ Speak with someone who understands your individual needs

Over the next 4 weeks you will get:

⭐️ FREE Pre-Challenge Training: Sign up now and hit the ground running with free training until the challenge kicks off. That’s a saving of up to $135!


⭐️ Goal Setting and Planning Sessions: Set yourself up for success by sitting down with our trainers and mapping out what your next 6 weeks will look like! We will work with you around your busy schedule and other obstacles you may have to ensure you’re ready to hit the ground running


⭐️ Unlimited Small group Classes: Our classes are welcoming, empowering and motivational! Your trainers will ensure you have all the support you need no matter where you’re at in your fitness journey!


⭐️ Weekly Accountability Check-Ins: Connect with us in person or phone. Your expert coach will help keep you accountable and support you every step of the way to help you reach your goals. Our exclusive Challenge wattsapp group will help to inspire and support you each day as well!


⭐️ Challenge Booklet: Your go-to guide for navigating the challenge like a boss.​

⭐️ Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy a sweet 10% off on personal training sessions and nutrition consults.

⭐️ Incredible community: We are not just a gym! And you will receive more then just a 45 minute workout! You will feel welcomed and supported by our community of like-minded women, many of whom have been or are on a similar journey to yourself! We're excited to welcome you and cheer you on :) Let's do this!

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Got some questions?

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Package 1 Name



Insert text about what the package is great for.

x3, 45 minute consultations with a highly experienced nutritionist

Consultation summaries including action plan discussed in consultations

Classes & PT Package



Insert text about what the package is great for.


Package 2 Name

Detailed client onboarding questionairre to ensure we understand your unique nutrition needs

x2, 60 minute consultation to discuss your nutrition needs and create a clear strategy to achieve your goals

Access to our recipe book which caters to a variety of meal preferences (vegan, vegetarian, low fod map etc)

Weekly email or text check-ins to provide ongoing support

Access to our nutrition fundamentals guide which includes everything you need to empower and educate yourself around your nutrition

Personal Training



Insert text about what the package is great for.

Everything from package #2 PLUS:

Personalised 4 week meal plan complete with recipes and shopping lists

Access to our Nutrition app to make meal preparation easy and simple

Access to our full library of templates and resources to upgrade your nutrition knowledge

Weekly check-ins including weekly adjustments to meal plan where required

Got some questions?

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Hear what our clients have to say:

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