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Is snacking ruining your goals? 4 simple solutions to eating better!

With lockdown number 2.0 now underway I’m sure you all have a lot going on and a lot to figure out and that nutrition would be an easy thing to forget about, and if it is then I just want to establish that that’s ok! However now is also the perfect opportunity to learn about past habits established during the first lockdown and make some small changes to help you feel better than last time!

During the 2 weeks we were open I heard a lot of people saying how they let themselves go during isolation and that their eating was out of control. Firstly, I just want to reiterate that its ok to have lost control. We have never been in a situation like it before so whatever you needed to do to cope is ok! Going into this lockdown again though hopefully means we are better prepared and have a desire not to return to some bad habits!

One of the common queries I heard was uncontrollable snacking and how access to food was always there given we couldn’t leave our homes. There are a few ways we can help combat this –

1. Write yourself a meal plan!

When you plan your eating and track your foods (My Fitness Pal is a great app to do this). Doing this holds you accountable and having it in writing can help you stick to it. Make sure you have healthy snacks prepared and on hand so you can easily stick to this plan. Alternatively share your plan with a partner, household member or friend to help keep you on track!

2. Brushing your teeth after a meal!

It sounds ridiculous and a bit tedious but generally brushing your teeth is associated to a time where food is not consumed, and nobody wants to eat anything afterwards because food usually tastes gross after toothpaste!

3. Carry a water bottle with you!

Sometimes we snack out of boredom and to help combat this we need to do something with our hands. Drinking water stimulates that action and a lot of the time our thirst cues are misinterpreted as hunger cues so a glass of water or a tea can be the way to relieve those feelings!

4. Hide the biscuits at the back of the cupboard!

Out of sight out of mind! If you find yourself heading towards the pantry or fridge and need something to eat, have healthier alternatives in eyesight so that when you open the pantry or fridge door they will be the first thing you see! Over the next 6 weeks it is ok to feel overwhelmed, bored and anxious but it is also an opportunity to have control over something and come out of the next 6 weeks with a better understanding of yourself and your food habits! This is not to say to do a complete overhaul of your diet but rather an opportunity for you to become aware of some things you would like to change!

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