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Should I join a women’s only gym?

More and more evidence continues to surface about the importance of exercise on a women’s overall health, wellbeing and happiness. Exercise plays a crucial role in ensuring your bones are strong, you can maintain better sleep patterns, boost your immunity and improve your mental health.

When it comes to joining a gym, there are a confusingly large amount of options available! There are 24/7 unstaffed gyms, gyms with only equipment, gyms that do classes with 50 people in them, classes with 5 people in them, gyms where everyone is taking Instagram selfies and gyms with a big emphasis on community and feeling comfortable.

Knowing which environment is right for you and will empower you to make the most out of your fitness journey is tough! The question you should be asking yourself is – will an all women’s gym environment help me get the most out of my workouts?

Below we delve deeper into this question to help you determine whether a women’s gym is the best option for you!

1. “Women are not small men” and need a training plan that reflects this!

For decades women have been training in a men’s gym environment, doing the same workouts (often just with lighter weights) and following the same warm ups and post workout routines as their male counterparts. Women’s bodies work very differently to a man’s and we can’t expect women to thrive using the same training approach as men.

A good women’s gym should understand the physical differences and design a fitness program accordingly. Your training plan will alter based on where you are on your menstrual cycle, whether you are pre, peri or post menopause, whether you are pregnant or post-partum and whether you have any specific injuries. Having a specific training plan according to these needs and goals will help you not only help you feel stronger and healthier but also ensure you get the most out of your workouts :)

2. Equipment and classes that are designed for women

Before we go on, let me be clear – a women’s gym should NOT mean that you are lifting lighter weights or doing easy workouts!

In a co-ed gym, the layout may have been more focused on how men like to exercise or they may not prioritise the equipment females prefer. Ladies gyms tend to embrace the diverse range of women’s fitness goals, catering for those who want to focus on strength, those who want to lose weight and those who are focused on maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Women’s gyms also understand how busy women are, often balancing work, family and lifestyle and cater accordingly by offering 30 min classes, child friendly environments and flexible in-gym and online options.

3. A more friendly and less intimidating environment

I’ve been to my fair share of co-ed gyms. My experience in most of them are super noisy, sweaty and testosterone filled spaces that include rows of complicated looking equipment!

Women’s gyms tend to value community and have a service-orientated approach, focusing on individual goals and welcoming beginners and more advanced members. For example at FitMiss Health Club, rather than expecting a new member to go and do the best kind of workout for them, we take the time to discuss their goals and their needs and write them up a complimentary gym program every 6 weeks to ensure they continue to progress with a workout plan that is suited to them!

4. Women friendly lifestyle options

Women’s fitness goals and requirements are likely going to change over time based on their age, stage of life and family and career factors. And all-women’s gym tends to better understand these stages and be willing to work WITH your current lifestyle to ensure you can still have an effective workout routine.

  • Unpredictable work hours? You need flexibility with booking your fitness sessions.

  • Finding it hard to exercise because you have kids with you? A women’s gym often offers a child friendly play area.

  • Super busy lifestyle? Quick 30 minute classes work perfectly!

  • Pregnant or postpartum? You need a trainer who understands how to safely continue your training during this time.

  • Have an injury? You want a gym that can work with your physio’s advice and tailor your class or workout accordingly (and not just continue to thrash your body!)

5. A great place to network and build friendships with like-minded women!

Going to an all-women’s gym provides a great opportunity to build friendships and connections with like-minded women who are wanting to stay strong, fit and healthy!

You will be surrounded by women who understand your challenges and can help offer support along your fitness journey. Having a positive and supportive group at the gym will help you stay motivated and consistent and will make you actually want to come to the gym :)

6. A more positive workout experience for those who are body conscious

Let’s be honest – a gym environment can be extremely intimidating and provide a negative experience for many women, especially those who are body conscious.

Many women report being interrupted by men during a workout to have their “form corrected”, being hit on while they’re trying to exercise or feeling uncomfortable by the loud grunts men make whilst exercising. These negative experiences transfer into them not attending the gym, causing their health and fitness suffer.The more self-conscious a woman feels, the harder it will be to achieve a great workout, compromising the results you’ll get from your fitness routine.

At a women’s gym, there is a much more relaxed and empowering feel. Everyone there is friendly and wanting to get a great workout and support their fellow females in the process!

This makes a huge difference when it comes to feeling safe and comfortable.

7. Fitness BY women, FOR women! All Female personal trainers!

One of the most significant factors that can influence your fitness journey is your relationship with your personal trainer or class instructor. Your personal trainer doesn’t just provide you with exercises that will benefit your body, you will often confide in them about your menstrual cycle, pregnancy or menopause. It is therefore important that your trainer is confident on these topics and can offer beneficial advice when it comes to your training during this time.

Feeling self-conscious about discussing these topics may keep you from getting the most out of your workout and in some cases, even lead to injury.

In an all-female gym, your female trainer is someone who understands the changes a woman’s body undergoes and can provide a personalised solution to work with your body during these times.

Choosing a gym that is right for you is an extremely important decision. Your health and fitness is a long-term priority that will keep you feeling strong, healthy and happy throughout your life. It is crucial that you find an environment that will help you to feel comfortable, motivated and wanting to exercise as opposed to dreading your next workout session!

If you would like to get in touch and find out ways we can help make your workout experience a positive and fun one, please reach out using the link below!

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