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Do you feel like you’re putting in the work but just not getting the results you are wanting? There are certain factors that we notice regularly are holding people back and preventing them from achieving their goals.

Make sure you’re not wasting your time and avoid these goal destroying traps!


Yes, it would be amazing if you could eat right and exercise a few times and see instant transformation! Unfortunately, in most cases, this is not a realistic expectation!

So, if you’ve just started a program with your Personal Trainer, have been hitting the gym 3-6 days a week and following your macros only to see minimal changes in the mirror – please understand this is completely normal! Visible progress takes time and often depends on the individual, their goals and the extent to which they are able to follow lifestyle changes.

To avoid disappointment, talk to your trainer about realistic timeframes and results. Design a sustainable lifestyle plan that you will enjoy sticking to for the long term. Stay focused and look for changes other than in your appearance, such as feeling stronger, increased energy levels, elevated mood or better sleep patterns. The rest will come, keep working at it J


Goal setting is so important for success! Take time to set your expectations and goals right from the start! After all, if you don’t have a goal in mind, how do you truly know what you’re working towards, or measure your success?

By setting specific, attainable goals, you are much more likely to be satisfied with your results as opposed to just winging it.

Not sure how to set sustainable goals? Click here to receive our goal setting template!


While on the topic of goal setting, if certain lifestyle changes are completely new to you, it’s best to start with smaller short-term goals and align them with the bigger picture further down the track. If your goals and expectations are too ambitious for the effort you are ready to put in, you are very likely to experience disappointment and quit. In contrast, when those align, the magic happens!

So don’t promise yourself something you know you can’t conceivably achieve over the next few weeks. Instead let’s work on making enjoyable and sustainable adjustments to your lifestyle that are manageable in the long term J


When you’re just starting out, and motivation is through the roof, it’s easy to overcommit – being that imposing excessive restrictions on your diet, attempting to do 20,000 steps daily when normally averaging 3,000, or otherwise drastically changing your lifestyle. However, before trying to incorporate a new strategy, ask yourself – can you truly see yourself doing this for the rest of your life?

At FitMiss, we believe in sustainable approaches that can transform your lifestyle long-term. Our goal is to help you embrace health and fitness as a lifestyle, not just do a one-off Challenge and revert right back to old habits!

The best part is, it is actually so simple to get started! You only need to focus on 2 things!

* Exercising for 30-60 mins on 5-6 days (some days will be strength training at the gym, others will be stretching or going on a gentle walk)!

* Following a balanced nutrition plan and making small and sustainable changes that will make a big difference!

We get it, we all have busy lives and making adjustments can seem daunting or impossible. But it’s easier than you think to make small adjustments to prioritise your health and make it part of your daily routine. I want your health journey to help you thrive and enhance other areas of your life, not consume all your mental and physical energy. Do YOUR best – that’s all that matters!


Every week you read about a new trend or fad in nutrition! It’s hard to keep up and know what is true and what is just hype! After imposing many restrictions, cravings and binges are almost inevitable – and can certainly have massive negative effects on one’s progress.

However there is one approach that has been consistently proven to work – that is, a varied, nutritious diet based around whole foods from all core food groups!

We don't promote cutting any food groups. Instead, we recommend meal guides with goal-appropriate amounts of carbs, fats, and proteins derived from a variety of nutritious foods!

Enjoying a balanced nutrition plan that you will be excited to embrace and help you not only look, but also feel amazing!

We are all about a long-term lifestyle change, not a quick fix!


Ensuring you complete 30 minutes of regular exercise can sometimes be the easy part! Embracing a balanced eating plan can sometimes be much more difficult. This is why learning the basics of nutrition is crucial if you’re looking for the best results!

There are many ways to approach this, but I find that by tracking your foods and learning about their macronutrient content can be a real eye-opener when it comes to portion control, making the most nutritious choices, and fuelling your body for achieving your goals. If you don’t track – at least initially! – you’ll have no idea whether you’re under- or overeating, which can make or break your results.

FitMiss’ Sam is a qualified nutritionist and passionate about ensuring our members are provided with advice on specific macros and meals to reach their nutritional targets. After following a detailed meal guide for some time, people eventually start planning their own meals using the allocated macros, or even eating intuitively based on what they’ve learned about their bodies.

Sticking to nutrition goals each day is the best way to change your body composition – so it really pays off to understand it better!


So many women currently don’t lift weights! Some worry they’re too old or have injuries, others are concerned they’ll “bulk up”, while others just find it “boring”!!

We get it, and the traditional big gym approach of providing hundreds of weight machines for you to explore and try is not necessarily suited to a lot of women. However the benefits of strength training for women are numerous and if you’re not currently doing strength training- you should start now (with the guidance of a qualified personal trainer of course!)

There are numerous benefits of weightlifting, such as:

INCREASED METABOLISM - As you increase your lean muscle mass, your metabolism also increases...and the more muscle your body has, the more calories you burn!

BALANCED PHYSIQUE - The myth that weights will make females bulky is well and truly gone – instead, resistance training helps shape the physique of your dreams.

FEELING STRONG! There is no better feeling then feeling strong both inside and outside of the gym!

No matter what your age or fitness level, let us help you embrace the benefits of strength training and make it fun and safe for your body!


I can’t stress enough how important it is to focus on form and mind-muscle connection when performing an exercise! No matter how much weight you’re moving, if you’re not doing it correctly, you are probably not working the right muscle and the chance of injury increases.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t challenge yourself with weight selection. However, if you’re struggling to complete your reps with proper form – by all means drop the weight and focus on mind-muscle connection! Quality always wins over quantity – poor form almost always equals poor results.

We highly recommend getting started with a Personal Trainer, even if it’s only for the first month, to ensure you are taught proper technique and form, understand your mind-muscle connection and get the most out of your workout!


We are all different! We have different goals, different bodies, different lifestyles and our bodies all respond differently to change. If you've been copying what you see someone else doing, it might be time to re-evaluate. Constantly comparing yourself to others is a shortcut to a negative relationship with fitness!

While it's good to take inspiration and ideas from others, you should always follow a training and nutrition plan that is specific to YOU and YOUR goals.

At FitMiss Health Club we go above and beyond to provide you with a personalised service that is tailored to YOU and YOUR GOALS! We understand that every women is different and we ensuring we tailor your solution to suit your lifestyle

We are always here to guide you, so don’t be afraid to sing out if you have a question!


Undoubtedly, consistency is the MOST important element to any fitness journey and can be the biggest progress-killer of all! To truly succeed, you must embrace the long-term nature of your lifestyle changes!

Quick fixes are very popular because you can see results in a matter of weeks. However they will inevitably throw you off track when the allocated Challenge time is over. Therefore, it’s extremely important to learn to love the process and appreciate every step of the way – while consistently following and enjoying your new lifestyle! One bad meal won't ruin your progress, just like one good meal won't change the way you look. It's all about taking small, positive actions every day!

We hope that if you’ve been feeling stuck or unmotivated, this blog has helped you find some answers and inspiration to identify areas you can make improvement in your lifestyle and make consistent positive changes! If you have any questions, we are here to help! Please get it touch or make an appointment below :)


We love to see women make positive changes towards a happier self! And we love to help them make this happen!

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you achieve your goals click the picture link below to receive a 50% off our ultimate “New You” package! You will receive:

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- Nutrition consultation to ensure your nutrition is organised and set up for success!

- Personal Training session to write you up an exercise program that is aligned with your body, goals and fitness level.

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