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Morning training vs Evening training

The age old debate morning vs evening training? Which one is better? Which one is right for you? Lets discus some key benefits of both that may influence your decision depending on your goals!

Working out in the morning is a great way to start the day, you know you have done something for yourself and go into the rest of your day with some great endorphins. Morning workouts can be a great way to boost your metabolism for the day and improve your mental state. On the flip side morning workouts are not as effective for those looking to build strength as you won't have the same level of glycogen in your muscles to lift at your peak strength. Your body also isn't as awake in the morning which limits the level of exertion you can put into your morning workout and means warming up needs to be longer and more thorough as you are at higher risk of injury.

Evening Workouts on the other hand are excellent for peak energy exertion. Your body is well fuelled from the day and is often a great way to break that 8-10 hour sitting marathon you had at work. Not only that, evening workouts can help release cortisol and stress built up from the work day. Our bodies are biologically designed to move as a means of releasing stress from the times humans were out in the wild. Unfortunately our biology has not caught up to our environment , meaning we now often perceive threat from our working environments and finish the day with stress hormones circulating our systems with no release. Not Ideal!!! Workouts in the evening are a great way to counter that adaptation floor!

It is important to consider your goals and your body and test out what works for you. But don't forget the best time to train is when you have time. In an ideal world everything would go according to a perfect plan but make sure you don't get caught in the all or nothing mentality. It's important to be flexible as our lives are always throwing obstacles at us. We must be committed to find time even if thats just a 15 minute workout. Something is better than nothing morning or evening !!

Having trouble finding the time to workout? Don't know where to start? Then email us at to book in for an appointment with a trainer!

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